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Mothers' Shelter

Women in Nyawa give birth at the rural health clinic, but stay at the shelter before and after giving birth. Due to the increasing demand and lack of space, many women have to sleep outside. 

Mothers' Shelter

Many women start the long journey from the surrounding villages when they are 6-7 months pregnant. Many walk as far as 50 km. There are around 25-40 women visiting the mothers' shelter every week.

The shelter lacks fundamental and necessary equipment. The women sleep on thin mattresses or directly on concrete floors. In addition, the three rooms lack beds with mattresses, mosquito nets, blankets, chairs and bedside tables. 

An upgrade and extension of the mothers' shelter will help more than 120 women each month and over 1440 women annually. 

Midwife Goreti

Goreti works as a midwife at the Nyawa Rural Health Clinic. She is concerned with the high numbers of neonatal deaths due to women delivering their child at home. 

The females are in charge of bringing their own food for their entire stay at the shelter. Food is scare and many cannot afford to bring food for several months ahead. They therefore have no other choice than to deliver their child at home. 

An upgrade of the mothers' shelter would provide a safe environment for mother and child and contribute to the decrease in neonatal deaths. 

Upgrading the Nyawa Mothers' Shelter is an expressed need from the community members and will lead to better security, as well as increased quality of life for many women and their children. 

We need your support today!

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